Tango for PC Download 

Let us know How to install Tango on PC?, We will explain your requirement for systematic and on time communication with your friends and relatives. This is because whether you have any of the platform like Symbian, Android, Windows Phone or an IOS OS, communication becomes much thrilling and beautiful for you. Tango is altogether is another well developed messaging app that is presently supports over 160 million active users having maintained a good share in the App market. It has reached over 300 million downloads and the good competition has dominated the market higher to grab more users Daily.

Many users who downloaded the app and rated with 5-stars and said it is a tremendous app with its many thrilling features like when you Enjoy all its amazing features. So, let me begin with its marvelous features and its functionality?

Tango for PC

  • Tango’s User interface is very attractive and grabbed many users  and its smoothness in using it while giving you an excitement.
  • Like you may have found with another apps where you need to download some third party android emulator, With this tango you do not need any Emulator and it is officially found on its official website for PC version.
  • It permits users to single chat or A group chat which contains many members and interacting while meeting online.

Tango for PC download

Please read all these mentioned steps carefully and here you can find an easy method to install the app for PC.

Step 1. The initial and foremost thing is you have update your graphic drivers on your PC otherwise you will face various issues of blue screen which might spoil or damage your graphics if it happen then you cannot view any video on your PC.

Step 2. Download.exe file from its official website.

Step 3. Next, open Tango then click on the installation button to complete and run the process.

Step 4. Installation will start soon and it doesn’t take much time to install the app. Fill the form and submit by clicking the submit button.

Download Viber for PC

Hello everyone today we are going to learn a new technique on how to install Viber on PC. we are capable of getting Viber for Windows 7/8/8.1 PC download has become an in thing amongst the tech experts and everyone is looking out for Viber including the waste app.  Viber app one among all the different messaging apps and you can download it on various platforms like Mac, windows OS, Blackberry, Samsung Bada and Android and Nokia among others. The straight thought of the element of communication in life gives you more bonding towards people as we will come to know why we wanna install Viber for PC.

After all, it is globally and locally recognized, suggested and identified with over 200 million users and with a huge number of users downloading it day by day. So the buyers in huge numbers.  A report was declared that it is equalant to Skype and competing with in market with lot many users, many users are trenching Skype for Viber since it is said to be officially available on Android and other platforms.

How to Download Viber for PC:

Firstly, you need to install an android emulator on your PC. I recommend Bluestacks is the best one to install on your PC.

Next, you are required to use Bluestacks to download Viber. Just follow the instructions which are mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, Download BlueStacks from its authorized website on your PC.
  2. The file may be of 270 MB approximately. You need to be patience till the downloading process completes and open the app once the downloading process is completed.
  3. Allow BlueStacks to finish installing

Now, use BlueStacks to install Viber on PC:

  • Open the BlueStacks app player and once it completes loading, search for an app which you wanna install.
  • Type in “Viber” and select where it says “search Play store”.
  • After downloading the app launch it and enjoy its benefits.

Note:- You can also download from its official web page and it is also available for Windows

Download Facebook Videos on Android Mobile and on Desktop PC

Dear all! we are right now standing on fast growing world where nothing is impossible for using things in our daily life. As you no unlimited number of peoples are using social networking like Facebook Twitter Instagram WhatsApp in their daily life it is almost hobby for all viewers.

Many users are sharing some viral videos on their timeline to show the world and most of users want to share viral videos on Twitter Instagram and WhatsApp but most users from them do not know how to download Facebook videos. So here we are going to show you how to download Facebook videos and how to save videos in android mobiles, desktop PC or in Tablets.

Remember one thing that you can not share Facebook videos links directly on Twitter Instagram and on WhatsApp, for sharing other social network first you need to download the viral videos from Facebook and save on your Android mobile, Desktop PC, Tablets, and also you can save videos online like as Dropbox after that you are able to share viral videos on any social network.

The method of downloading videos are very easy first you need to click on browse Facebook account secondly login into your account and start to browse your wall thirdly play the video which you want to download and finally click on the Yes button to download the video.

Below is the downloading links given to download the apps to your Android mobile.

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Installation: 10,000,000 – 50,000,000

Android Required Version: 3.5

Current Version: 2.3+

Content Rating: Rated for 3+

Offered By: XCS Technologies

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Download The Best Android VPN Apps 2017

What is VPN? Virtual Private Network

Dear all! Basically VPN is (Virtual Private Network) normally we use internet on daily basis in our home offices shopping mall during travelling in playgrounds and also sometimes in universities mostly we use social networking websites and Facebook Twitter and YouTube videos.

When you have a smart phone laptop or tablet and you are near any shopping mall railway station hospital or above given areas you need to connect internet with free WiFi for surfing internet specially those websites which are regionally blocked in your areas. We are sharing with you some great VPN (Virtual Private Network) for surfing anonymously by hide your real IP address for protection of your privacy and allow to run all sorts of websites and very good to unblock regionally internet limitations and able to bypass firewalls, and look through the web secretly.

So why we need VPN because in some private places like universities, corporate offices, playgrounds, shopping mall, and also during travelling mostly we use to open social websites like YouTube Facebook Twitter and some other useful websites. The client actually encryption security to connect another connection of PC to VPN server by using anonymously.

Here are some best VPN by using this, When you bond through VPN your interrelate in a different way with the Internet. Your data is sent throughout an encrypt subway to a VPN server. There are lot of free VPN which gives best privacy protection and surfing all traffic we need following are the list.

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01- Droid VPN APK Free Download

DROID VPN is free of cost you can install on your android device laptop and tablets to protect your online privacy, Droid VPN hide your IP address and surf as anonymously, unblock many websites.


The latest version of DriodVPN given here to download and install easily on your android Click Here


02 – Pure VPN Free VPN Android 5.6.0 APK

PURE VPN has no limitations of bandwidth surf fast and full anonymity the website access along absolutely protective and best to use, just install on your android device and start to enjoy restricted websites in your region.


The latest version of Pure VPN given here to download and install easily on your android Click Here 


03 – vypr VPN Free Android apps

VYPR VPN DNS is best in services provide good speed fast and quickly get connected resolves faster host names by login DNS server separately. Its per apps contain private connections


The latest version of vypr VPN given here to download and install easily on your android Click Here


04 – Hideman VPN Free Android Apk

Hideman is great VPN app and its presence, It is almost free of cost VPN all over in World, Which able to provide the internet connection locations globally. Best part, It able to support globally torrent downloading. The Best part of Hideman, its encrypted with 256-bit protection is hard to decrypt, anyone able to browse anonymously from anywhere.


The latest version of Hideman VPN given here to download and install easily on your android Click Here



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