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Month: May 2017

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Free Ransomware Protection (WannaCry)

Ransomware Attacked on Window System

Now a days everywhere people facing problems against released new Virus that is Ransomware Wanna-Cry has been started from this year, ransomware assaults have come to be greater regularly occurring and attackers are traumatic large ransoms, envisioned to price sufferers hundreds of millions of bucks.

It is noticed that cyber criminals focusing and targeting main agencies like Presbyterian health facility Hollywood and San Francisco Municipal Transportation corporation in addition to local governments and people. In different words, ransomware doesn’t discriminate.

Why Failure of Most Famous Antivirus

The principle reason ransomware attacks are so a success is that conventional antivirus software can’t detect them. New versions of ransomware are developed each day, so signature-primarily based defenses can’t pick out and guard an enterprise from the ransomware inflicting damage. in addition, many types of ransomware are polymorphic, that means it generates a brand new hash whenever it propagates to avoid detection.

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System App Remover For Pc

System Apps Remover For Pc

Almost every manufacturer install much bloatware without even caring the users’ opinion. And they do not permit to remove the same as well. Do you know can remove pre-installed apps using System App Remover? If you did not get what I am talking about read this article completely. it can recommend on which app is mandatory and which are not.

It is officially available on play store you can get from there.

You can safely, easily, simply remove system applications

1, Safe, we will let you know which app is useful and which does not helpful to you After uninstalling, and experimented it on several devices so you can use it safely, but we cannot give cent percent safe because of manufacturers may modify too much, also, we backup all app you removed automatically, so you can get them back from Recycle Bin whenever it is essential.

2, Clear, we classified all pre-installed apps as [Could remove](such as Fb, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp), [keep](such as Gallery, Calendar, Gmail), [Key module](such as Google Service, Gallery Phone, Contact,  MMS), so you can select which app to remove clearly;

3, Easy, we contribute you a simple trick to remove multi app in at once, make you easy to go;

Feature :
• Hide core system app for safety, you can choose the setting to uninstall unwanted apps.
• You can modify ‘Recycle bin directory’ in the settings page.
• Search apps by type, name, size, time and path.
• User can modify [Install time] [Package name] [Apk path] to appear in list.
• Appears app details: size, install time, package, apk path.
• Launch app
• You can search for your favorite app.
• You can Search in website by apk name, package name, app name.

Amazingly, system app remover grants you to move apps from phones to SD card.

That’s all friends! Keep visiting our website for more updates on these apps. If you have any queries or faced any issues while installing the app please comment below in the description box.

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