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Hi Dear! Once again i am bring a best app for Android users which is very famous and nowadays most of the peoples are using this app around the world, Yes i am talking about B612 Camera, Exactly the B612 Camera provides its latest attractive features of photos and using in approx. 52 countries and more than 300 million users are using B612 to get best results to taking pictures selfies and editing in to make it more beautiful pictures day by day.

In B612 Camera there are multi-function’s and features that is unique and dazzling look make yourself funny after by using B612 Camera with friends and family to make fun and enjoyment There are alternate filters you can change according to your choice by just sliding up your hand fingers at the bottom on the screen and also you may able to watch tiny view to show you that how you looks a like and same you can apply filter.

It is basically designed for make changes in your real pictures for make funny and beautiful to attract you for your friends and family. B612 is very useful apps and easy to use for anyone that is want to make there daily life moment captured in memories for ever to share with friends. This app make your day remarkable and memorable for future and using B612 app you can make a combine photography through vertical directions more than nine compositions.


Latest Updated: 23 March, 2017

Size: Varies with device

Installed: 100,000,000

Current Version: Varies with device

Requires Android: Varies with device

Content Rating: Rated 3+

Permissions: View details

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IPL T20 Match Schedule Indian Premier League IPL 2017

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The legendary T20 league is starting again over again with some new enthusiasm. within the year 2017 the Indian most fulfilling League may be turning 10. This year the IPL turns even higher as new players are added to the 8 teams making it bigger and better. This 12 months the Indian top of the line League will characteristic eight groups from unique towns. The crew listing this 12 months could be the most successful group of IPL Mumbai Indians, Kolkata Knight Riders, Kings XI Punjab, Delhi Daredevils, Royal Challenger Bangalore, reigning champions Sunrisers Hyderabad and teams who might be gambling their second season which are the Pune Supergiant and Gujarat Lions.

The total number of players called into the auction for the 2017 Indian Premier League are 159 and the total pool of players that were considered for the auction are 358. 

Event may be extend over forty seven days across 10 venues. Agenda has been designed with every group gambling 14 matches 7 of them at home ground venues.

Data of the stability handbag and squad formation for the IPL franchises: 

Kings XI Punjab

  • Money spent: Rs. 42.65 crores
  • Balance handbag: Rs. 23.135 crores
  • Number of Players in the squad: 19
  • Overseas players in the squad: 5

Kolkata Knight Riders

  • Money spent: Rs. 46.25 crores
  • Balance handbag: Rs. 19.75 crores
  • Number of Players in the squad: 14
  • Overseas players in the squad: 4

Delhi Daredevils

  • Money spent: Rs. 42.9 crores
  • Balance handbag: Rs. 23.1 crores
  • Number of Players in the squad: 17
  • Overseas players in the squad: 5

Mumbai Indians

  • Money spent: Rs. 54.44 crores
  • Balance handbag: Rs. 11.55 crores
  • Number of Players in the squad: 20
  • Overseas players in the squad: 6

Sunrisers Hyderabad

  • Money spent: Rs. 45.1 crores
  • Balance handbag: Rs. 20.9 crores
  • Number of Players in the squad: 17
  • Overseas players in the squad: 5

Rising Pune Supergiants

  • Money spent: Rs. 48.5 crores
  • Balance handbag: Rs. 17.5 crores
  • Number of Players in the squad: 17
  • Overseas players in the squad: 5

Royal Challengers Bangalore

  • Money spent: Rs. 53.175 crores
  • Balance handbag: Rs. 12.825 crores
  • Number of Players in the squad: 20
  • Overseas players in the squad: 8

Gujarat Lions

  • Money spent: Rs. 51.65 crores
  • Balance handbag: Rs. 14.35 crores
  • Number of Players in the squad: 16
  • Overseas players in the squad:

The teams have offered new players in the public sale. The Pune Supergiants have made extraordinary adjustments one of the primary being changing their captain with Steven Smith. Even earlier than the begin of the event it has started gaining interest. then again the defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad additionally has gained interest as they failed to shop for any new player in the auctions.

The match begins from the first week of April 2017 with Sunrisers Hyderabad taking on Royal Challengers Bangalore. all of the eight groups may be playing in opposition to every other within the league in home and away layout. In total these teams may be going throughout 56 suits playing against every different for all crucial points to qualify for the following spherical. inside the subsequent round handiest four teams out of 8 groups may be moving to combat for the ultimate championship.

This yr the match will be performed in new towns that is the green Park town and Indore cricket stadium in Kanpur. Kanpur can be the house floor for Gujarat Lions and Indore could be a brand new homeland for the Kings XI Punjab. in this way every year new cities hold on getting the IPL fever by managing matches and try to gather more spectators to enjoy the game. IPL 2017 can be easily book by everyone to get tickets online through the legitimate website Click Here.
For your information ensure to visit stadium 30 minutes before the match start and carefully read instructions and follow the rules and regulations according to the venue.

Date: 05 April 2017 Local Time:  20:00

YouTube is Launching a Streaming Provider With Actual Cable Channels

Becoming a member of the developing fashion of internet television carriers, YouTube television will provide 30 of the most important channels that’s is CBS, FOX, ABC, and NBC alongside.

YouTube has been in the business of amusement, main the way for a brand new brand of net stardom in preference to your traditional television and movie stars. but it appearances alike YouTube has its visions set on tumbling into new traditional fashions of leisure as nicely.

These days, YouTube introduced that in the coming months it’ll be launching a today’s streaming service, YouTube TV. The provider would encompass the four foremost networks—CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC in conjunction with 30 different cable channels for $35 a month. but, The Verge reviews that the provider will also be missing some fundamental channels which Comprises on Viacom ( Comedy central and MTV ) together with Turner Broadcasting, so no TNT, TBS, or CNN.

The service also comes with unlimited DVR garage and the app is divided into three segments: Library, domestic, and live. as much as people could be able to create individual profiles for the equal price of $35 according to month.

YouTube joins the ranks of other offerings, like PlayStation, Sling TV, and DirecTV Now, Vue to provide live television completely over the internet—no cable provider wished. Hulu has in addition introduced plans to release a web-primarily based television provider at a similar price point. With such massive names ultimately committing to the related future of TV, it looks as if the net TV wars have began in earnest.

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Download Students Business Dictionary for Improve English

Dear android users, We are bring the latest and vast business dictionary for studies. This dictionary gives you more than fifty thousands new words meaning, The using method of business dictionary are very common and easy to use, You can use this dictionary through your smart android apk phones tablets.

There are many benefits to using this dictionary, through dictionary everyone can bring improvement in speaking and writing power of English language, this dictionary consists on business studies marketing awareness finance solving word special accounts and economic word you can use this business dictionary every where through using your android mobiles apk the best in dictionary is provide all faculties of business and commerce students and also for normal speech persons can get benefits from this dictionary.

using business dictionary students can get improvement on daily basis and also they can search numerous words related their syllabus
and they can use as assignments.

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Additional File Information

Installation: 100,000 – 500,000

Updated on: 16 May 2016

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Ways to Get Best Results In The Examination 

Sleeping is the most necessity for human being and also for animals to keep Mind fresh to become self-active and healthy. The most benefits is no tiredness free from diseases, activeness in working while in the office, school, college or in the university.

According to Singapore Scientists:

If Students wants most better result in the exam, than they must take sleep before examination time rather than keep studying in the last time this will help to get best result in the exam.

While for years it is well known that students who feared for an exam and take full night of rest instead of taking tensions, In the morning arrive refreshed through exam room demonstrated the good performance and get the results in the exam. However, but it is important that they well prepared before for the exam, and those students, who are closer examination after year to relax and read daily in the night before some days in the exam, in addition to reading for several hours when remaining few days in the exam, if they do well in the exam room you have their good marks in exams.

And those students who relaxed over the year and then they open their eyes when exam nears about and they trying to continue study in nights and days for several hours, unfortunately they do not able to keep remember during exam nor they get good results in exam. Now been confirmed by a psychological study which was performed in the Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore, Practically they arranged a session which was consisted of 72 students.

The 72 students was given 80 minutes of lecture on a precise topic which was new topic for them. After the given lecture they divided all students in to 3 groups. The first group was given opportunity to watch movie and they watched a movie, The second group was sent for taking rest and they get sleep, And the third group was given task to repeat and remember the same lecture which earlier given, They repeated the same lecture which was given already.

After done this all selected 72 students given another lecture for 90 minutes and then conducted a test from all students after taken test the collected result of 3 divided groups was.

  • The first group of students was force to watch movies was on third position successes in the result.
  • The second group which was force to sleep was on first position successes in the result.
  • And the third group which were forced to repeat the lecture was on second position successes in the result.

And after one week the same practice was repeated but the result was same as were previous it means that it is the practically prove that the sleeping before exam is best the habit for the best result in exams. The study also found that information in mind forcibly impose for good but not beneficial for long time.

1.Benefits of Sleeps
  • Sleep makes you feel better and keep smarter
  • Helps to body part makes repair
  • Keep your heart healthy
  • May prevent Cancer disease which is most danger
  • Improvement in your memory
  • Make you healthy and active all time
  • Improve your sharpen attention and IQ Grades
  • Beat the stress in exam
2. Simple Exercise Before Exam

It is the proof given by Experts, that before 30 minutes of exam make your body fresh with just do simple exercise like walk or stretch your arms this can bring improvement in your performance and It’s been proven that exercise can boost your memory and makes your brain fresh and powerful.

3. Loudly Read Instead of Silently Reading

It is really will be surprised how much more you can remember when you have read it loudly. But never this practice during crowded library!
You are 50 % more remember something if you speak loudly instead of reading silently. Although this may make you look a little crazy, but very best and fast for exam result.

4. What You Have Learned Teach Others

It is the best way self-test if you have really understand and then try to teach others what you have learned it will help you to keep remember for long time.

5. Create Conceptual Suggestions

Mind Maps are an easy way to connect ideas by creating a visual overview of different connections. “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something” (Steve Jobs). The ability to make connections is not only an easier way to remember information, but it’s the fuel of creativity and intelligence.

6. Visual Attractions

Visual attraction is the most beneficial, Drawing diagrams will help you to visualize information which would be hard to describe. This creates a visual memory in your mind which can be recalled in an exam. Some questioned may even be asked to label or draw diagrams such as the Human eyes or ear in your exam so must get practicing before exam.

7. Watch Documentary On Related Topic

This will help you remember basic details from a story plus you may even get extra knowledge for mentioning that you took the initiative and watched a documentary film about related topic. Documentaries are also an entertaining way of compacting an entire story into a short time frame.

8. Search Google and YouTube

Save time when researching sources online by mastering the biggest search engine in the world; Google and Also YouTube. Follow the tips in this image to find what you need at your fingertips:

9. Using Fragrance or Perfume to jog Your Memory

This may seem a bit random but spraying an unfamiliar perfume while you’re studying can help jog your memory when you spray it again just before an exam. and also Chewing a strange kind of gum will work the same way.

10. Study Related Topic In a Group

There are many ways to create groups it helps you share many and individual resources from each, Studying in a group can help you collect new insights to enhance your learning experience. Discuss ideas and interact with members of your team or group project to get best results.


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