Microsoft OneDrive Apk

Microsoft OneDrive is the android Apk which gives the numerous benefits to all those who have exceeded data and very difficult to handle when they need on time so the Microsoft OneDrive provides opportunity to keep your data online and whenever and wherever you need just through your android mobile you can use your personal data according to your uses. Its working as automatically uploads your data that is photos videos save in OneDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive provides not only on android but also you can get through your Desktop PC and Mac just install and it on your system or in mobile and after connect get start to shift move or keep your data that is your images documents and your archive.

Microsoft OneDrive open and save your files photos rapidly and easily when you required in home office or any where apps working Microsoft office that is Excel Word Share Point One Note and Power Point.



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Additional File Information

Updated On:          26, January 2017
File name:     
Version:                   4.9
File size:                  42.59 MB
Android version:  Android 4.4+ Kitkat
MD5:                         9cb1250f3c4285fba4a49f6c0fe01556
SHA1:                        b3117f073982394afcb560fef2de19d8a558e6a6

Download HotStar ApK for Android, Window and Mac

Dear Friends! Today we are sharing most of the famous apps for you guys, this app mostly used for streaming videos, There are many sorts of videos you can install and download through this app. HotStar is the best app for live streaming all over in the world using this app everybody can watch live videos that is sports movies live TV dramas live celebrity shows and many more. There are many live games which can only streaming by HotStar apps.

If you have installed HotStar app on your smart mobile or window pc or mac it can gives you attractive feature like reals, There lots of live games like, Cricket Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Table tennis, Wrestling, Basket ball, Swimming, Race Games, World cup Matches and many more games which can easily watch through HotStar apps. HotStar app is very simple to download or install on your smart phone or desktop and laptops, there is no need to make any account for this you just go and install without any registration, How to start your HotStar Apk installation or download, You just use the provided keys.

Download HotStar and start to enjoy watch all types of movies that is Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, Tollywood, CollyWood Movies, TV Shows, English Shows Serials and all other sorts of entertainment programs.


Features about the HotStar Apps

  • This HotStar App allows you to watch live streaming for movies, serials, TV Shows and live sports matches that is hockey table tennis cricket matches soccer football matches, rugby and basketball matches and many others.
  • The quality of HotStar app is very best form others its looks like real streaming for videos and audios.
  • HotStar provides its multi-languages for viewers, there is a choice to select any language.
  • In HotStar have a great search options to make easy to search new features exactly for what we required.
  • Using HotStar its provide videos quality even on mobile through mobile data internet we can select videos quality.
  • In HotStar there is option to provides multilingual shows.
  • HotStar provides other best benefits which can use that is we can stop any videos and start exactly from that part.
  • If anyone have no time to watch any thing on HotStar for this can download and can watch later without any buffering.
  • HotStar provides many best features one of them is playlist, yes anyone can create playlist for favorite movies or TV shows which can also rate the content.

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How to Install Xender ApK For Pc

Hello friends! Today we will begin with our new topic on an Android apps called XENDER. If you are with your friends anywhere then you required the Xender apk, Here are some few instructions to install or download XENDER for PC. Xender mostly enables you to fastly and quickly to transfer almost all sorts  of file or data from one phone to another phone for free without any cost .

You can get Xender for almost any device.


  • Xender allows users to share any type of files quickly and easily, allowing you to send files between the two devices (or any other devices) at any time. Xender is very easy to use and helpful to share any type of files.
  • This means you need not have a specific platform to use XENDER. It works on almost all platforms.
  • XENDER does not need any type cable or wire to share and transfer files to any device.
  • The speed of sharing is really impressive and shocking wheather it may any type of file like Audio, Image, Video and Text.
  • With these all the features Xender is juz amazing and superb app to share and transfer any types of files instantly.

How to Download Xender Om PC?

  • Firstly you need to download the BlueStacks App player to run this app.BlueStacks will allow you to run applications like XENDER app on your windows device.
  • BlueStacks will allow you to run applications like XENDER app on your windows device.
  • Next, To proceed installation, just you need to follow these steps:
  • Firstly, Download Bluestacks file on your PC.
  • Now, Open the downloaded file to install and after quick installation go to play store.
  • Type the app name in search box which you wanna install and you will be taken to the official XENDER page on Play store.
  • Click the “install” button on the official XENDER app Play store page. After finishing the procedure. launch the app and enjoy it’s features.


How to Install and Download Official Zapya for Windows 

Hello, folks! Today we are going to know about an interesting app with over 300 million users, Zapya is simply one of the well-known cross-platform file sharing tools. There are much more to know about zapya and why is it popular?

But one of the major features of this zapya is that it some other only work on specific devices, but this app works on almost all devices.

It works on every device and it is the best app for cross-sharing the files. Means you can easily and simply share files from your smartphone to your laptop instantly.

Features of Zapya

  • Zapya is simple file sharing platform and it doesn’t require any cable or any wire to share files between Your PC and SMARTPHONE.
  • Using Zapya we can transfer almost all types of files. It can transfer very large files quickly where other apps struggle to do so. But, the great thing is we can send and receive all these file types at an unbeatable high speed.
  • In some situations, Zapya can even share a file which is of 120MB as 120 images in a minute.
  • Zapya also features QR code. Using Zapya you can generate your own QR codes so that you can more simply transfer files between devices.


Firstly, you need to install an android emulator on your PC. I recommend Bluestacks is the best one to install on your PC.

Next, you are required to use bluestacks to download Zapya. Just follow the instructions which are mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, Download BlueStacks from its authorized website on your PC.
  1. The file may be of 270 MB approximately. You need to be patience till the downloading process completes and open the app once the downloading process is completed.
  1. Allow BlueStacks to finish installing

Now, use BlueStacks to install Zapya on PC:

  • Open the BlueStacks app player and once it completes loading, search for app which you wanna install.
  • Type in “Zapya” and select where it says “search Play store”.
  • After downloading the app launch it and enjoy its benefits.

Cent-OS 7 1611 Linux Operating System Released

On December 12, 2016, maintainer of Cent-OS Karanbir Singh proudly announced the Cent-OS 7 1611 Linux Operating System Released and release of the long-anticipated Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based Cent-OS 7 (1611) operating system.

Last month as Red Hat Announced the release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3  operating system, it was clear that a new Cent-OS 7 release was being prepared by Karanbir Singh and the rest of the awesome developers behind this Open Source initiative built on top of the freely distributed sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

As with all Cent-OS 7 components, this release was built from sources hosted at In addition, SRPMs that are a byproduct of the build (and also considered critical in the code and build sys process) are being published to match every binary RPM we release,” said Karanbir Singh in today’s mailing list announcement.

Here’s what’s new in Cent-OS 7 (1611)

Tagged as build 1611, the new Cent-OS 7 maintenance update is here as a replacement for the April 2016 release of Cent-OS 7 (1603) ISO images. Among the changes, we can mention the inclusion of new packages, such as Qt 5, Pidgin, python-gssapi, python-netifaces, and mod_auth_openidc.

There’s also support for 7th-gen Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, I2C support for 6th-generation Intel Core CPUs, SHA-2 support for Open LDAP, Bluetooth LE support, ECC support for OpenJDK 8, PerlIO::Socket::SSL and PerlNet:SSLeay, full support for virt-p2v, as well as updated graphics, storage, and network  drivers.

CentOS 7 (1611) also introduces initial support for a bunch of GNU/Linux technologies, among which we can mention Btrfs, OverlayFS, kpatch, Ceph, DNSSEC, kpatch, Cisco VIC and usNIC kernel drivers, along with multi-threaded XZ compression with rpm-builds, and nested virtualization with KVM.

Last but not least, the nautilus-open-terminal package was replaced with gnome-terminal-nautilus, various device drivers such as 3w-9xxx or 3w-sas were deprecated, and the sslwrap and libnetlink libraries removed. All the updates released in the last few months in the repos are included too.

For download the latest Just clicking on the following link.

Installation Cent-OS Linux 7 (1611) From Their Official Website  Here is Link: CENT-OS

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