Facebook Release New Tools to Check Fake News

Facebook Release New Tools to Check Fake News

Facebook Release New Tools to Check Fake News

There are billions users of Facebook and day by day many fake users are using Facebook accounts and Facebook pages with wrong identity to cheat peoples, the social network company Facebook owner recently announce that they will creating some Facebook tools to catch the fake users and that way they will block all unauthorized accounts.

Facebook will soon releasing their new tools to prevent and check fake news stories from spreading on its platform. earlier, Facebook faced a lot of criticism for not dealing with spreading of fake news during the U.S presidential elections.

Facebook has faced many complaints about how it monitors the content produced by its 1.8 billion users. These features are going to be a part of an ongoing process in which the focus would be see how they refine and deal with the fake news.

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Facebook said users will find it easier to flag fake articles on their News Feed as a hoax, and it will work with organisations such as fact-checking website Sn opes, ABC News and the Associated Press to check the authenticity of stories. If such organisations identify a story as fake, Facebook said, it will get flagged as “disputed” and be linked to the corresponding article explaining why.

The company said disputed stories may appear lower in its news feed, adding that once a story is flagged, it cannot be promoted. A few weeks ago, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said it was a “crazy idea” that fake or misleading news on Facebook helped swing the election in favor of Republican Donald Trump. Critics said fake news often was more widely read than news reported by major media organisations.

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