OkJanu Official Website Hacked By Pakistani Hacker


“OkJanu” Official Website Hacked By Pakistani Hacker

Official website Named “OKJANU” Hacked by  Pakistani Team Pak Cyber Attackers, Hacker Claimed himself as Hexlook, The hacker message himself, You Have “Been Hacked By Hexlook Team Pak Cyber Attackers”

“My Aim Was Not to Hurt You Guys! Its Just Your Lolx Cyber Security”

“Amir Khan and Salman Khan are The Great Actors of The World”

“Shraddha Kapoor is So Hot and Sexy But I Love Aliya Butt :D”

According to officials the OKJANU film is going to release on 13th Jan 2017 and hacker hacked their website on same day, in message “Shraddha Kapoor is So Hot and Sexy But I Love Aliya Butt.”

Hacker also message to Hindu Inteha Pasand that they are Cruel and people of India hates with them according to hacker, Hacker also disrespect those who involved in Rape with girls in India, recently in Gujarat during new year celebration some peoples taped with girls so that’s why hacker claimed the those are the bad and cruel peoples who plays with innocent girls.



Here is the proof of hacking on official Zone h Link given below at the time of hacking

Official Website: http://www.okjanu.com/

Zone h Mirror: http://zone-h.org/mirror/id/27506938

Twitter : https://twitter.com/OkJaanu
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OkJaanuTheFilm



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